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    Rules and Regulation

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    1. All rent must be paid prior to setup. Anyone setting up without a receipt will be charged double the rental rate. Weekly rentals must be paid for by 12:00 on Saturday. Dealers leaving merchandise on a space from week-to-week MUST pay for that spot in advance on the previous Sunday by 12:00. Monthly rentals must be paid on the first weekend of every month. Anything left (Merchandise, personal property, racks, etc.) on an unpaid space will be considered abandoned property.

    2. Weekend and Monthly rentals are for Saturday and Sunday only; setting up any other day will be an additional charge. Any unpaid rent will be subject to a late fee of at least $25.00 per space (fee will increase with frequency of lateness). Late charges may be adjusted according to each specific situation.

    3. All dealers are expected to be in their booths and ready for business no later than 8am and remain open until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, unless management is otherwise notified. This includes all restaurants and concession stands. Unoccupied space will be re-rented as needed after 9am on a first-come, first-served basis.

    4. Dealers operating in sheds must notify management prior to absence. Two weeks of being absent without notification will void monthly rental. Money will not be refunded and the spot will be rented. Sheds need to operate every Saturday and Sunday for the benefit of the market, customers, and other dealers. Dealers vacating sheds must give at least two weeks’ notice prior to vacating. Deposits, which are required before rental period, will not be refunded if the shed is vacated without the appropriate notice, if the building requires repair, or if the building needs to be cleaned.

    5. Subletting or lending of your space is prohibited, unless otherwise approved by management. Rentals cannot be transferred or sold under any circumstances.

    6. Any modification to a rented space must be approved by management before work begins. Any permanent fixture (Attached to a building, i.e. sinks, plumbing, electrical wiring, walls/doors, etc.) becomes property of the market and may not be removed. Any debris, such as wood shavings, scraps, nails, etc. must be cleaned up by the dealer renting the space. This trash should be taken away from the grounds, not placed in the market trash cans or dumpster. Anyone who violates will be charged $50.00 or will not be allowed to sell again.

    7. Rentals spaces will be maintained as neat and orderly as possible at all times. Dealers are required to clean up their space before opening for business and at the closing of each day. If dealers choose to leave any items under their tables, the table must be appropriately skirted or covered with a tarp (No rips, frays, or tears). No gas cans or gasoline powered items may be stored at any time. Broken or damaged tables and displays may not be used. Dealers are responsible for maintaining displays and personal tables. This includes table coverings. Vendors MAY NOT use sawhorses and boards as a replacement for tables. No clothes lines may be used – only clothes racks!

    8. The market is not responsible for any dealer’s property. Dealers leave their property at their own risk. The market is not responsible for any liabilities arising out of the negligence of the dealer, their guests, or employees. Dealers will be held responsible for any injuries sustained due to neglect in the rental area.

    9. The setup ad sale of all merchandise must remain in the rental space. No merchandise is allowed in the walkways or behind the space. Use of unoccupied space must be approved prior to use.

    10. Tarps may be installed behind your space and must be rolled up during business hours. The only exception to this is during inclement weather, when it may be lowered. Tarp must be in good condition, and must be replaced when frayed or torn. No tarps can be erected that extend into a walkway or driveway. No nails, stakes, or any material may be driven into the pavement. Dealers assume responsibility for the safety and liability for any damage or injury caused by the dealer’s canopies, racks, or displays. All are subject to management approval.

    11. Unfortunately, pets are not welcome at the Trading Post Flea Market at this time. However, Animals may be sold with the proper documentation – as required by Okeechobee County. However, such animals must be kept in a cage or box at all times. In the event of a sale, the animal must be delivered to the customer in an appropriate box or cage. No loose pets are allowed.

    12. Unattended children are not allowed. If you must bring your child(ren) with you, they are to remain at the rental location. The vendor will be held responsible for any liabilities or complaints arising from the children. Vendors who ignore this policy will be requested to leave the market.

    13. The tables throughout the market are for merchandise setup only. They are not replacements for chairs or benches. Please do not sit on the tales at any time. Feel free to bring any chairs you deem necessary, but they must remain in your rental area.

    14. All signs must be approved by management.

    15. Radios, TV’s, toys, etc., may be played in moderation. It must not annoy others!

    16. The Trading Post Flea Market does not issue refunds or credits of any kind, even if rent was prepaid and not used. We do not issue rain checks or exchanges. The only way to reserve a space is to pay for it.

    17. All dealers must have the appropriate license required by Okeechobee County. This includes but not limited to Okeechobee County Occupational license and evidence of FL Sales Tax registration. It is the vendor’s responsibility to make sure the required forms are displayed in the event of an inspection at this facility. Please see the office for additional rules regarding selling of food/beverage items as additional licenses are required.

    18. Electric service is provided for demonstration purposed only. For continuous use, you must pay an extra electric fee. Sheds have a standard electric fee included with monthly rent; however, this does not include use for air conditioners, fans, or special lighting. The use of coffee pots, hot plates, electric heaters, microwaves, crockpots, etc. are prohibited. No extension cords may be used due to safety issues.

    19. The following items are prohibited from being sold or brought into the market: offensive books or any pornographic material (pictures, films, cards, etc.) dangerous animals, guns (of any type), ammunition, fireworks, explosive materials, dangerous or hazardous chemicals, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol (for sale or personal consumption), illegal or stolen items.

    20. We have the right to refuse, terminate, relocate, or remove a space rental at any time. We also have the right to turn away any customers who are not following the rules or are not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. Dealers and customers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Rudeness or improper language will not be tolerated at any time. Proper attire is required. We have the right to inspect any merchandise. If you have any questions or problems with a customer or dealer in general, notify the office. Also, no flyers are to be handed out without management’s approval. Remember – Rules, Regulations, and Prices are subject to change without notice or documentation.